Cairo by bus

  • Duration 12 Hours
  • Tour Type Over day trip
  • Group Size 100 persons
  • PRICE $65
  • Location Cairo


Enrich your culture and enjoy the wonders of the world on this unique trip to Cairo – the capital of Egypt, the largest city with over 18 million inhabitants, and as they say in, A Thousand Stories, the one who has not seen Cairo, has not seen the world at all”. Cairo city is known as, Mother of the World, The City of the 100 Minarets, The City of Pharaohs ” or “Victory City”‘ a city of contrasts, the mixture between old and new, from the ancient period to the medieval one and ending with the modern one, from the businessmen in costumes, to the locals dressed in traditional costumes.  Cairo was not founded until the Romans rebuilt an old Persian fortress along the Nile River in 116, which was later known as Babylon – in – Egypt, the district of ancient Cairo today.

Most of the city is located on the eastern side of the Nile where, if you want you will be able to ride the boat about 30 minutes. The Egyptian Museum which is located in Midan Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) one of the cultural attractions you visit. Another attraction that you will visit are the pyramids of Giza that are located on the western bank of the river, 18 km from the city center, the third of them being still some of the largest constructions ever created by man. The Pyramid of Keops is the largest pyramid in Egypt and is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Along with pharaohs and hieroglyphs, the pyramids are a true symbol of ancient Egypt. Besides the pyramid of Keops you will also be able to visit the Pyramids of Chephren and Mykerinos, pyramids built during the Fourth Dynasty, during the time of ancient Egypt. The Sphinx is another cultural attraction that you can’t lose. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a gigantic statue of limestone, depicting a lion with the head of a king or God.  The statue is part of all the monuments on the Giza plateau, being located west of the Nile River. The face of the sphinx is believed to represent the pharaoh Khafra. The monument measures 73 meters in length, 20 meters in height and 19 meters in width.

Um al-Dunya, literally translated as “Mother of the World”, is an Arabic phrase, which Egyptians and others have used throughout history in reference to the achievements of the country. It encompasses everything from the ancient civilization of the country to a long list of superlatives.


  •  Specialized Egyptology guide
  •  Entrance fees (Pyramids, museum of tahrir , sfinx )
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