Hurghada City Tour

  • Duration 4Hours
  • Tour Type trips in hurghada
  • Group Size 1000 persons
  • Location hurghada
  • PRICE $10


Welcome to the wonderful tourist city of Hurghada! Before we start our walk through the city, we want to give you some details about the resort.

The resort is 305 kilometers from Luxor and 455 kilometers from Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century. For many decades it was a small fishing village, but it became a major resort on the Red Sea, due to Egyptian and foreign investment that began in the 1980s. Resorts and hotels offer facilities for windsurfing, kitesurfing, yachting, scuba diving and snorkeling. Hurghada stretches for about 36 km along the coast, but does not reach far into its desert.

The first hotel built in the region was the Sheraton Hotel on Felfela Road. The main period of tourism development began in the 1990s and continues today. The total number of hotels today has reached 200, including modest 2-star accommodation units, as well as luxury properties.

The city of Hurghada is divided into three areas – Sheraton Road, El Dahar and Promenade.

Sheraton (El Sakala) Road

Sheraton Street or El Sakala the main tourist street in the city. It is the busiest street in the city with many bazaars, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and nightclubs. You will find many hotels on the sea side.

Village Road

The second famous tourist area is called Village Road (El Memsha in Arabic). It is more than 5 km long, with a wide and clean promenade, with 4-star hotels, famous nightclubs, restaurants with international cuisine, malls and countless shops.

The Kawther

El Kawther is said to be the most European area in Hurghada. It is located close to El Mamsha right next to the airport, between the areas called Mubarak 2 and Mubarak 6.

El Dahar

The last area is El Dahar. Dahar is “home” to most locals, but it also houses hotels, the town hall, the aquarium, the library, the largest mosque, the Orthodox Church and the food market. amazing development. From the sands of the desert grew a city with more than 200 hotels, booming shopping areas and vibrant nightlife

In our walk we will visit the Coptic Orthodox Church. Coptic Christians represent almost 10% of the entire population of the country. The Coptic Orthodox Church of the Holy Shenouda Cathedral is one of the few Christian places of worship in Hurghada. It was inaugurated in 2011, on the ruins of another Orthodox building

.El Mina Mosque in Arabic: The El Mina Masjid Mosque was opened in 2012. The cost of building this massive mosque was about £ 200 million. Hurghada Resort will give you the chance to discover a true architectural paradise. Unique and extremely spectacular, the El Mina Mosque is considered the largest in the region. It is located in the Dahar area, on El Shohada Street, right on the Red Sea coast. You must visit this imposing building which has two minarets 10 meters high and a courtyard suitable for taking some of the most beautiful photos. Careful! You cannot enter the mosque during prayer hours. Also, women are not allowed inside unless they wear jellabia, the Muslim dress for prayer.El Mina Mosque in Arabic: The El Mina Masjid Mosque was opened in 2012. The cost of building this massive mosque was about £ 200 million.

Hurghada Marina where the adventure never ends … Since June 2008 Hurghada Marina offers the city of Hurghada a new look, a place where you can relax for an hour, take pictures, take a walk and breathe fresh sea air or sit on a terrace. With many of Egypt’s best restaurants, unique cafes and elegant bars, Hurghada Marina Boulevard offers the best food and drink for all tastes. Make your appetite by leisurely browsing both the traditional and the international menu. There are over 20 restaurants and bars with various cuisines.

The city tour is free for those who have been with our team in 3 trips, and for a fee those who have not been on any trip with us 5 euros per person for those staying in Hurghada, and 10 euros per person for those staying in the Makadi area or The Gouna.


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