Super Safari

  • Duration 6Hours
  • Tour Type trips in hurghada
  • Group Size 1000 persons
  • Location hurghada
  • PRICE $25


A journey to the heart of the desert, an adrenaline-filled adventure that will bring great pleasure to extreme lovers and people who are interested in unusual natural attractions.

The Sahara is the largest dry desert, and the third largest on Earth, after Antarctica and the Arctic, with an area of ​​9,400,000 square kilometers. Most of Egypt is covered in deserts. To the west are the Libyan Deserts and the Great Sand, which are usually attributed to the Sahara region. To the east is the Arabian Desert, which occupies vast areas between the Nile Channel and the shores of the Red Sea. To the south, you can visit the Nubian Desert, located on the border of Egypt with Sudan. There is also a desert on the Sinai Peninsula in the northern part of the state. Egypt is an arid country that surprises by the number of dry dead rivers, but nevertheless oases can be found in the middle of the deserts of Egypt.

In our adventure in the heart of the desert we will go to the village of the Bedouins, who are locals from the Sahara Desert, they are nomads. When they run out of water, they move to other places. There are over 11 million Bedouins in Egypt. Bedouins have their own rules and traditions. Egyptian police are not allowed to enter these Bedouin villages, only with the consent of the tribal chief. The village leader is the only local who has a mobile phone and the only one who can leave the village to bring food for the Bedouins. Bedouins have a long life, sometimes over 80 years old. The Bedouins have clear rules regarding marriage. Parents marry their children when they reach the age of 14. Every Bedouin has the right to one woman, and according to the wedding tradition, a camel must be cut. Everything that is cut is eaten on the same day. Bedouins are a large family and marry each other up to the second degree of kinship (cousin). The Egyptians cannot marry the Bedouins, and this is forbidden. Bedouins can only marry locals from the same village or from other desert Bedouin villages. After marriage, women dress only in black and cover their faces. Those dressed in different colors (red, green, blue, yellow) are unmarried girls. Another very strict rule of the tribe is that if someone leaves the village, he is not allowed to return. In the event of a conflict between two Bedouins, everything is resolved at the head of the tribe. The one who is guilty pays! There are Bedouin villages that accept to be visited by tourists, others do not. In the Bedouin village you will be able to walk with a camel, a camel Dromader or a camel Africana (with a single hump). Climate adaptation has allowed the dromedary to live long without water, which is accumulated in large quantities in the stomach; an energy reservoir are the deposits of hump in the hump, from which the animal obtains water through the process of oxidation.

At the beginning of your adventure, you will drive the ATV for about 40 minutes, then you will drive the speedboat for 20 minutes, then you will be driven by Jeep 4×4 to the Bedouin village. But, that’s not all: in the Bedouin village you will be served tea, the traditional stick, you will have dinner and you will have an oriental dance show. Don’t miss this unique and magnificent desert adventure!


  •  Scarf for each person
  •  Transportation from and to hotel
  •  Camel riding
  •  Dinner with the an traditional show of belly dance and much more


    •  Drinks at the island bar
    •  Tips
    •  Photo session with the photographer

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